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Welcome to our blog!


 The aim over the coming weeks and months is to post a series of weekly updates, with a mix of news and background on what we do here at the nursery, along with the occasional timely reminder for jobs that need doing in the garden and historical background  notes on any plants that catch our eye in that particular week.

One of the great things about working at the nursery is the way the work continually changes to reflect the passing seasons. I used to live and work in London, and to be honest the seasons used to pass me by pretty much unnoticed. The only real change was that at some times in the year I’d go home from work and it would still be light, other times it would be dark and I’d need a coat! Here the weather plays a crucial role in the day to day tasks that we need to do, and the passing of each season ushers in a new set of jobs, a new crop to be planted or sold, and a fresh set of horticultural challenges. Hopefully through this blog we can reflect this, and at the same time pique your interest in a new plant, or change the way you see an old favourite.